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We spoke to Mark White, CEO about what inspired him to set up Reassura and how all of us are vulnerable to fraudsters and scammers but how the impact may differ across different age groups.    Tell us a bit about Reassura and what you do. Reassura is a personal fraud/scam avoidance service. We help
In the coming years, $30 trillion of wealth will be transferred from the baby boomers to Gen Xers in the United States; the greatest transfer of wealth in our history. However, baby boomers are also spending more than their predecessors during retirement and control about 70 percent of all disposable income in the US. As retirees

Gender equality & ageing

As revealed in last year’s gender pay gap report mandated by the U.K. government, women earned on average 59 percent less than men at HSBC, Britain’s biggest bank. Fast forward one year, HSBC’s gender pay gap appeared to have expanded to 61 percent. By comparison, Lloyds Banking Group reported a 31.5 percent gap, and across
Huge market The first thing to note about the UK long-term savings market is its size. The UK asset management industry manages nearly £8tn of assets, 2/3rds of which are the longterm savings of UK citizens. This already large market is also sub-scale. Basically, lots of people don’t have any longterm or even short-term savings

What can we learn from Japan?

As humanity lives longer and longer, could there ever be a scenario where we are no more? According to the new book Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline by Canadian journalist John Ibbitson and political scientist Darrell Bricker, this could very well be the future of humanity. Per the authors, the United Nations
As we live longer and the cost of healthcare increases, where would we turn to for support? For many, that responsibility falls largely on their family members. More often than not, these caregivers are those that belong to the sandwiched generation, ones with their own family and children that they are taking care of. In
Fraud is a serious and persistent issue across the financial services sector and no one is immune from those who wish to part us from our money. The incentives (and rewards) for bad actors are too compelling and they follow customers across all of their financial journeys, from the doorstep to the branch to ATMS
For those of us old enough to remember the TV adverts of the 1980s – one in particular, for a home emergency service, replayed the image of an elderly woman lying on the floor of her home crying ‘I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!’. The ad was the source of many a parody and comedy sketch. Decades later the raft

Shaking up later in life lending 

The typical retiree of the past does not exist. That mythical being who is heading into retirement with a guaranteed final salary pension scheme, a mortgage (and other debts) that is largely paid off, and dependent children long gone, is simply not the reality any longer. Working life for many does come to a hard stop, the mortgage payments still
According to AARP, one in five older Americans are victims of financial exploitation each year, losing up to US $120,000 per episode, which is the amount a typical 50-plus household has in retirement savings. To make matters worse, many don’t believe they will become vulnerable, and perpetrators could be strangers, family members, or close friends.