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A Five Generation Workplace

Populations that are both living and working longer are having a profound impact on the workplace. As many of us sit in our homes working instead of our offices, it is clear to us that the world of work is changing. Although a pandemic has necessitated and accelerated remote working arrangements, it is worth remembering
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Ageism in an ageing world

Not too long ago I sat in the audience and listened to a speaker from a very large financial institution describe the usage statistics (by age) of their banking app. He noted that take up of the app was very low above the age of 55. The conclusion being, he went on to say, that
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Over the past 100 years the human population has done a very good job at staying alive. Not only are people living longer, but they are healthier and wealthier than ever before. How is the financial services industry responding to this? Especially when we live in a society that seems obsessed with developing and marketing
Ageing has come of age. The all-party parliamentary group (APPG) for longevity launched yesterday in the Houses of Parliament with not one but two members of parliament in attendance. As noted by both Damian Green, MP and Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, ageing societies and longevity are defining features of many
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We are experiencing an unprecedented global shift in demographics. Our society is aging; we are living longer, healthier, and more productive lives. Life expectancy has improved significantly, and we have added decades of healthy living since the early 1900s. Along with longer lifespans, we are also staying employed longer than before. Soon, we will have
As many societies around the world are ageing, the accompanying narrative is often posed as a negative or a problem to be solved. At 4Gen ventures, we believe that increased longevity is an macroeconomic theme that presents companies across all industries a broad horizon of new business opportunities. The challenge to be met is to
When we ask people about what they think of using financial technologies to manage their money, awareness and attitudes towards using devices are often relatively consistent across ages.   The world is getting older. Estimates suggest that this year will be the first in which the global population aged above 65 outnumber those under five. And the structure of labour markets in many countries reflect this, with

Designing for the Older Consumer

A drive to serve those who are less financially capable and more anxious has informed the development of Toucan. We spoke with Founder, Bailey Kursar about creating a service, using Open Banking, where older adults are among the target consumers. What is the inspiration behind Toucan? While the last couple of years have seen the
Half of UK adults show signs of financial vulnerability and lost £1.2 billon to fraud and scams in 2018. Health factors and life events contribute to financial vulnerability and can increase the likelihood that a scamming attempt will be successful. We spoke to Dr Dexter Penn, CEO of Kalgera about how he was driven to

The New Old Age – Time for a Re-think?

Brad and I had the honor to speak at the recent EmTech Caribbean in Santo Domingo, hosted by MIT Tech Review and Universidad Dominicana O&M. The two-day conference included insights shared by twenty-one speakers on topics around technological advances that will revolutionize the world in the coming years, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, personalized medicine,