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Dmitry Kaminskiy, Managing Partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures (and member of the FinTECH4Life Steering Committee) has made some interesting wagers on longevity.   One is a bet with Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, who runs Insilico Medicine. Presuming they both make it to 100 and it’s safe to they that they’re optimistic, the first to die will see (or not) the other receive one million dollars in Insilico stock.  The other offer on the table is one million dollars for

The Longevity Industry Landscape

This set of comprehensive reports, produced by Ageing Analytics Agency, provides a wide-ranging overview of how shifting demographics will impact a number of industries. The insight and opportunities provide a lot of food for thought about how business strategies need to evolve. It also points to some of the key technologies and scientific knowledge that
The world around us is always changing. Looking at the trajectory of financial services post-crisis, a raft of new competitors entered markets where previously the barriers were thought to be too high. Technology has helped overcome those barriers to entry and FinTech startups have played a crucial role in reworking the landscape across the sector.
The FCA published an excellent overview of how the financial services sector needs to explore and consider the evolving needs of an ageing population. The research notes that ‘there are risks that older consumers’ financial services needs are not being fully met, resulting in exclusion, poor customer outcomes and potential harm’. The profile of the

Calling all innovators

Are you looking to solve problems for more mature consumers? The FinTech community shouldn’t miss this opportunity to set their sights on new challenges. Given the changing demographics in the UK (and many other countries around the world), significant value can be delivered to what is an economically powerful and growing community. We are looking
Innovating for the ages

Innovating for the ages

Technology has enabled and catalysed a new and improved range of financial services. Now is the time to explore how the art of the possible can be applied to meeting the challenges and needs of the non-millennial.
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