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Finastra steps onto The Platform

The time has come to learn, to explore and to build.

Mitesh Soni, Senior Director of Innovation and Fintech at Finastra looks at strategies around cultural change, dealing with data and how the work of the future will need a wide pool of creators from all walks of life and disciplines – from technical expertise to arts and music.

The Future of Work
Part 5 of 6

Robots, machines, and AI threaten to disrupt and displace workers, but it could pave the way for more creativity, a focus on the arts and music, and more time for workers to engage in compassion, empathy and entrepreneurship. 

It's all about data
Part 4 of 6

The A,B,C, and D of technology and how to deal with the 16 trillion gigabytes of data produced every year.

A wide pool of creators
Part 3 of 6

A wide pool of talent through the ecosystem is where innovation and disruption happens.

Four key drivers
- Part 2 of 6

Regulation, fintech innovation, customer expectations, and digital disrupters from other industries will shape financial services.

Cultural change needs a shock treatmentPart 1 of 6

Unlearning old habits and learning new ones is one way to keep pace with rapid technological change.

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